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The author, Katherine Page, gives a lot of info on what TMJ is and what can cause it.  I can tell that she has put a lot of time into producing this ebook.  She did a great job of explaining the causes of TMJ Pain and she really over delivered with extra TMJ exercises (32 stretches and exercises).
Without giving out more specific details, Katherine offers different breathing, body, tongue, mouth, throat, and jaw exercises. She provides an in depth array of choices and good exercises to help heal your TMJ pain, as well as, the entire body.
This ebook is my third choice, even though she mentions a few negatives things about us Dentists and other clinicians.  This aside, the TMJ exercise material is excellent." 
The Bonuses were excellent! One of them I didn't personally like, but the other two are great helps for great health, recommending treatments for over 87 other ailments and body sicknesses. The two bonuses that I liked are well written, concise, and to the point.  They are easy to read and very helpful.  The first is an ebook called Nature's Cures.  It gives short concise ways to cure Acne, Allergies, and other areas from Arthritis to Sexual dysfunctions. It has it all...almost.
The second Bonus wasn't organized very well. I didn't spend time reading it, this is the one I did not care for.  The third Bonus is even better than the first.  It is very highly acclaimed and recommended as "the best health book ever written!"  All things considering this offering is a great value.
       #3 TMJ-Help                                                                    Overall Rating:

Wow, Sandra's recent improved addition really delivered in her ebook. I have to apologize that I didn't have this available until just recently.  I've had this review site up for over a year and I didn't have this one reviewed.  She details so many aspects of stress related causes that I was really very genuinely impressed. 

The same stress factors are talked about in the Truth About TMJ ebook but not to the depth or extent as Sandras'. Her ebook is much more comprehensive than the TMJ-Help book by Katherine Page.  Sandras' ebook will help understand about TMJ pain reduction and help you improve your quality of life. You'll definately be better informed after reading her book. 

You'll really like the way Sandra presents so much TMJ info in her book.  This will be an excellent purchase for TMJ relief.  Her book is very strong with Stress help hints.  

     #2 TMJ-No-More                                                                Overall Rating:

Sandra Carters' TMJ No More ebook product has the same quality TMJ exercises as the TMJ-Help program but are not as easy to apply as the TMJ videos in the Truth About TMJ videos.  Though, Sandra offers much more information and excellent bonuses for less money as the TMJ-Help program.  This is a great buy!

      #4 Bruxism                                                                        Overall Rating:

The author, Charles Harrison, goes into what causes Bruxism including the Dental causes of which he was pretty accurate.
He also reviews relaxation techniques and breathing exercises like the other two ebooks do.   I am glad to see some consistancy with all three.
But what this Bruxism book lacks are the many other types of exercises which reduce TMJ Pain.  Bruxism is different than TMJ Pain.  Many people Brux or grind their teeth, and never have pain, they just wear down teeth.
The Author gives two Bonuses.  The first Bonus should have been included in the main TMJ ebook, but it's included as a Bonus.  It gives you a daily schedule of what to do each day for reducing your bruxing. 
The second Bonus is an e-book titled...How To Interpret Your Dreams. This book is chuck full of the right answers that most of us have wondered about dreams all of our lives.  It doesn't change your way of life, nor reduce jaw pain, but it is an interesting subject that most of us won't spend the time searching for answers for.
So, it's all here, the answers about your dreams, aspects of sexual dreams, and why we might dream of sexual intimacy with others.  It really was a relaxing and dreamy read.
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  TMJ Pain Relief Product Review
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As a TMJ Dentist, my patients pay me around $1,400 for TMJ Therapy.  They leave work, some find babysitters, so, the cost is often much higher.  Bottom line, it takes a lot of time out of their busy lives and lots of money to escape from their TMJ Pain burdened life.

The internet products below, which I personally reviewed, offer an excellent  option for a lot less than going to a TMJ Dentist like me.  I invite you to read the full reviews and discover which product best serves your needs.

David Spainhower D.D.S
      #1 Truth About TMJ - EBOOK                                        Overall Rating:
Written by a TMJ Dentist, the content is excellent in this ebook.  The videos of exercises and stretches are a huge plus and the best set of TMJ exercise videos that I've seen on the internet.

The Truth About TMJ includes 43 TMJ videos of TMJ Exercises and stretches of the Physical Therapist who he refers his TMJ patients to for TMJ exercise therapy. His physical therapist shows the patient in the videos how to perform the exercises, so you'll be able to copy and follow along exactly without guessing how to do the exercises. 

As bonuses, included with the videos is the "Truth About Mouth Guards" ebook, audio of the TMJ ebook and more.  The videos in this product are a huge plus to apply the information you purchase to help you eliminate your TMJ pains.
This ebook covers exactly the foods to avoid, the causes and treatments to get out of pain fast. It reveals the only TMJ mouth guard available today that actually works which does NOT cause any more TMJ problems, unlike most all of the other mouth guards available.

The Truth About TMJ ebook has all the info you need to discover the real cause of your TMJ pains.  In fact it has a TMJ online Exam with 109 questions to help direct you to the real cause of your TMJ symptoms that you complete in Chapter 4.  The exam is patterned after his TMJ exam that he does in his private practice for his patients.  The online exam helps direct you to discover the causes of your TMJ.  In addition, for FREE, You can email the Doctor or call him by phone with any questions you have concerning your TMJ therapy. You can print the exam on paper to complete, or just complete it online to be saved in your private account on the TMJ University website.

One of the best gems he gives you, is how to get out of pain in less than 24 hours regardless of the cause.  It really works.  He really wants to see you out of pain, it's easy and it's simple.

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